About Us

"Original Designs, Individually Made"

We are an Independent British Brand based in Nottinghamshire, producing a range of engraved slate and oak house signs and home interiors.  We use various types of slate and oak, all of which is carefully sourced and selected for it's quality, durability and character.  Depending on whether it’s a clock, a house sign or a piece of hand-crafted tableware, determines the type and variety of raw material used, and, which of the many techniques we need to utilise in creating the final piece. Most of our work is completed by hand, using traditional methods that have been around for centuries!

Working with raw materials that have natural characteristics, enable us to present our products in such a way that you can recognise the raw material from which it is made, but equally can appreciate the transformation from it’s original state.  Our approach to design is simple; we like to create stylish, yet simple products that are pleasing to the eye, and above all, are practical in a traditional or contemporary home.

As well as producing from our own designs, we offer a Personalisation Service, so you can add a few extra special touches, whilst our Bespoke Design Service enables you to have your own individually commissioned piece made to the dimensions and specification you require.

 The images on this website are designed to give you an indication of what you can expect to receive.  As we use natural materials, variations in colour and texture must be expected.  If you are buying a set, i.e. slate plates we will match each piece as close as is possible.  All details within our control, i.e. inscriptions and fixings are accurate to each piece. 

When placing your order please bear in mind that each product is individually handmade, a factor which is reflected in our despatch and delivery times. 

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